Krikor Jabotian's Women Extraordinaire

Krikor Jabotian started his career within the creative department at Elie Saab following his graduation from the Ecole Superieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD) in Beirut, an enriching experience that paved his path into the industry. 

Soon after, he developed independent designs and was selected by Starch Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Maison Rabih Kayrouz and Solidere, to showcase his creations. His first collection, under a namesake brand, marked the beginning of Atelier Krikor Jabotian.

At the age of 23, Krikor set up his first studio and designed his very first collection. The company quickly evolved into a thriving, family-run business alongside his father, mother and sister.

It is no secret in Beirut, a city he considers his playground, that Krikor surrounds himself with women extraordinaire for inspiration. But to reduce Tessa Sakhi, Michele Aoun, Raseel Hadjian, and Karma Salman to the now antiquated notion of "muses" would be a grave mistake: they are, in their own right, undeniable powerhouses of the local fashion, art, and design scene.


photography Tarek Moukaddem

Tessa Sakhi is a Lebanese-Polish architect based between Beirut and Paris. Alongside her sister Tara, she is the co-founder of TSAKHI, an in-demand firm that takes on projects ranging from residential to commercial, from architecture to product design, scenography & art direction to installation & sculptural works, and finally urban interventions.

"Tessa, for taking me back to the start, to the early days of Atelier Krikor Jabotian"

Born in London and bred in Beirut, Karma Salman found her love for jewelry in her school days. Her first collection, Akana, was launched by renowned Lebanese designer Rabih Kayrouz. The brand KARMA draws inspiration from traditional handmade jewelry techniques, and with a contemporary mindset, is developed with a modern twist.

"Karma, for bridging traditional and contemporary"

Raseel Hadjian is based in Beirut. Her experience and involvement in contemporary art led her to work alongside different collaborators in the field, from established forums to art fairs. She currently works as a manager at Carwan Gallery, the first contemporary design gallery in the Middle East.

"Raseel, for being my eternal confidante"

Michele Aoun is based in Beirut. She describes herself as a "photographer-turned-model-turned-actress".

"Michele, for bringing out the avant-garde, experimental Krikor"